Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday is a political term and a propaganda term. It is used to refer to several incidents. One was the Bloody Sunday in Saint Petersburg when peaceful demonstrators were killed by Cossacks. For the Irish before 1972 Bloody Sunday referred to 21 November 1920, when 14 British secret service men were simultaneously killed by the Irish Volunteers in their Dublin homes. In retaliation Auxiliary police killed 12 spectators and players and injured 60 others at a Dublin football match.

The most recent Bloody Sunday [ Wiki version ] was in Ireland in 1972 when 13 men and teenagers of fighting age were killed by men of the Parachute Regiment. Take the point that no women or girls were shot. No weapons were captured. An IRA view is put at Set The Truth Free by Martin McGuinness the man who started it. The 'Ballymurphy Massacre' took place earlier as part of Operation Demetrius. The Regiment took 342 prisoners, while killing eleven civilians in August 1971. There was nothing like the fuss that followed Bloody Sunday.

Bloody Sunday Men Should Not Be Prosecuted
That is what an IRA man says. He went to prison for murder, he says this is just reopening old wounds. He is right.


Has more Bloody Sunday photos.


Top Brass Decided To Shoot Selected Ring Leaders
The Socialist Worker, part of the IRA Fan Club tells us that government forces got 357 kills including some 150 IRA. The Wiki tells us in The Troubles:-
Casualties and losses
British Army 705
RUC 301
TA 7
Other British police 6
Royal Air Force 4
Royal Navy 2

Irish Army 1
Garda 9

PIRA 293
UVF 63
Civilians killed: 1857*
Total dead: 3524*
The IRA took the initiative. The IRA did more.


Green Arrow Was There. Green Arrow Is Not Amused

So 38 years later and after 200 million pounds of taxpayers money has been spent, the expected rigged verdict is finally in and now the soldiers who were involved will be hung out to dry by the Army and the Establishment.  I am not surprised, anyone who knows how the system works as always known this would be the end result.

Now as someone who served in Northern Ireland between 1969 and 1976 I can tell you this, it was not a fun place to be for a serviceman.  In fact it was no fun for anyone there at that time.  It was a war zone and that war was being conducted against the people of Northern Ireland (both Catholics and Protestants) by the vicious, baby murdering bastards of the IRA  led by the likes of the evil pieces of scum Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.  Both of them are kidnappers, torturers and killers in my opinion.

Prior to this event, the IRA ruled over the Catholics with a rod of iron.  Knee capping those in their areas who did not show "enough" support for their Marxist agenda.  The  IRA were never about Nationalism.  They were then and are now global Marxists.

Whether it was tar and feathering Catholic girls, before tying them to lampposts for speaking to British Soldiers or threatening to kill and sometimes actually killing the parents who refused to send their children to throw stones at the British soldiers when ordered to by local commanders of the terror organisation. The  IRA was as evil to their own as they were to those they were fighting against and I curse everyone of them and given the opportunity, I  would have had no compunction about shooting any of them dead. 

Everywhere in Londonderry, Belfast and other parts of Ulster, walls were covered in slogans and murals showing the affiliation of that area.  In Belfast they had places like the Short Strand, Divis Flats and The Falls and we (I consider Ulstermen my brothers) had places like the Shankhill. The atmosphere was electric - especially if you were in the forces.

Seventeen year old British Soldiers had been kidnapped and murdered - they changed the law so they would have to be 18 to go and die and I would often drink with young soldiers celebrating their 18th birthday on the Stranraer to Belfast ferry.  Soldiers had been kidnapped and tortured to death and their remains fed to pigs.

IRA snipers were everywhere and unless you have stood by a Sangar and wondered whether your head is framed in the cross hairs of a sniper scope and cursing your imagination, you do not know what it felt like to be a serviceman serving the Crown in Ulster and how it would affect your reactions to danger.

The horrific murders of the two corporals (who done a job similar to my own) who were dragged from their car, stripped naked, beaten to pulps before being shot to death still haunts me.  There but for the grace of God go I.  I could write more about the horrors faced by our soldiers but you get the picture.

So when the Support Company of  the Parachute Regiment came under attack by a mob of missile throwing, nail bomb throwing young men, then the nerves of the young soldiers must have been stretched to breaking point and so when shots rang out (Martin McGuinness was armed with a Thompson sub machine gun that day) they were damned if they fired and perhaps dead if they did not.

The grovelling apology by Cameron cuts no ice with me, especially the day after reading that another two soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan.

“On behalf of the Government, indeed on behalf of our country, I am deeply sorry.”

So do not apologise for me Cameron because I for one, if placed in the same situation as those solders of Support Company would have done exactly the same when faced by a mob that would tear me limb from limb if allowed to close with me.

Now the Marxists have had their victory - just pay them off.  You call them dead martyrs and victims and I call them dead terrorists.
The Saville gravy train is a bribe paid by a lawyer and liar to lawyers on the make. The little people get nothing.


Bloody Sunday - Prior Murders
BLOODY SUNDAY: This weekend, making a mockery of responsible broadcasting, ITV screened an utterly biased account of Ulster's darkest day. Here, in the interests of redressing the balance, we explore another side of the story. The film, shown at the weekend, has already been condemned for portraying members of the Parachute Regiment as cold-blooded killers and prejudging the long-running tribunal into the events of January 30, 1972.........

In the year before Bloody Sunday, every British soldier listed below was murdered by Irish terrorists - another fact the film ignored.
[ A list of 43 men killed follows - Editor ]
Most are attributed to the IRA.


Bloody Sunday (1972) ex Wiki
Bloody Sunday (Irish: Domhnach na Fola)—sometimes called the Bogside Massacre—was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, in which twenty-six unarmed civil rights protesters or bystanders were shot by the soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment of the British Army, under Lt. Col. Derek Wilford, during a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march. Thirteen men, seven of whom were teenagers, died immediately or soon after, while the death of another man four and a half months later has been attributed to the injuries he received on that day. Two protesters were injured when they were run down by army vehicles. The report of the Saville Inquiry (1998—2010), which has been accepted by the British government, found that all of those shot were unarmed, and that the killings were "unjustified and unjustifiable." Five of those wounded were shot in the back.........

The Provisional Irish Republican Army's (IRA) campaign against the partition of Ireland had begun in the two years prior to Bloody Sunday, but public perceptions of the day boosted the status of, and recruitment into, the organisation enormously. Bloody Sunday remains among the most significant events in the Troubles of Northern Ireland, chiefly because it was carried out by the army and not paramilitaries, in full view of the public and the press.
It was a propaganda success for the IRA and that is just from an IRA sympathiser.


Bloody Sunday - The Spectator's View
The Spectator puts a view. The Saville Inquiry is a gross waste of money. That is from a man who was there far too long. Memories get very confused or just fade. Passions arise. Evidence becomes contradictory or merely worthless.


MPs Versus The Army
The name of the site is the Enemies of the People. Someone has his heart in the right place. He has also worked out who is betraying us.


Paras Not Amused By Murder Accusations
PARATROOPERS on duty in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday yesterday slammed the findings of the £195 million Saville Report.

They defended Lieutenant Colonel Derek Wilford, the senior officer accused in the report of disobeying orders by entering the nationalist Bogside estate. Prosecutors were urged yesterday to bring charges against soldiers accused of lying to the inquiry. Michael Mansfield QC, who represented the families of some victims, said the authorities should at least consider bringing charges of perjury.

Amnesty International also raised the possibility of legal action.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the decision should be “entirely independent” and up to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The 12-year inquiry found that none of the 13 people killed by soldiers from the 1st Battalion, the Parachute Regiment, during the civil rights march 38 years ago had posed any threat.

It criticised senior officers for sending in “aggressive” paratroopers. The report found some soldiers acted without orders and then lied to cover up.

But six soldiers, none of whom fired shots, said Col Wilford was highlighted in the report because of the need to place blame on a senior officer.

They questioned Lord Saville’s findings that Martin McGuinness, then adjutant of the IRA’s Derry Brigade, was in possession of a sub-machine gun but might not have fired it. “Such inaction by a Provisional IRA leader would have resulted in his tenure of office being very short indeed,” they said.

The paratroopers, who have not been named, did not dispute that innocent people died because of the actions of their colleagues.

“The day was a disaster for almost everybody concerned – dead, injured, families and the Army – but not for the IRA, who would appear to be the only people who did not fully co-operate with the inquiry,” their statement said. “That some of our comrades made mistakes is obvious, but these men had a great deal of public order experience and were not given to panic. Something different happened that day to initiate the tragedy.

“There has been consistent and clear evidence that the IRA was engaged in a hurried defence and that a considerable amount of hostile firing took place. This seems to have been largely ignored.”

Col Wilford, now 76 and living abroad, has always maintained that soldiers were fired on first.
McGuiness, a murderer on his own account was there on the day. Inciting trouble was the IRA objective and they succeeded brilliantly. It was a major propaganda victory for them.

He has lost a lot of blood.


Three more pictures ex
 Demonstrators are rounded up by soldiers and lined up against a wall


An injured protestor is stretchered away during the riots


Victim: The body of one of the thirteen civil rights demonstrators killed by British soldiers


1 PARA Men Should Not Be Prosecuted After Bloody Sunday Says IRA Killer [ 3 March 2014 ]
 Blair gave IRA immunity but set up the Saville Inquiry to screw men of the Parachute Regiment. He is a greasy little crook on the make as well as a Traitor & War Criminal On The Run


Police Harass Men Of Parachute Regiment Over Bloody Sunday While Blair Walks After Murdering Thousands [ 1 March 2016 ]
Up to 15 former paratroopers expect to be interviewed under caution by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (SNI) in March, as part of a murder inquiry into events in 1972 that led to deaths of 13 civilians.............

The news that the men face further questioning comes after lawyers for some of the former 1 Parachute Regiment [ 1 PARA ] members have been successful in seeking assurance that information gathered as part of the 12 year independent Saville inquiry will not be used as part of the criminal investigation. In 1999, the Attorney General granted all witnesses in the £195 million inquiry, immunity from prosecution on the grounds of self-incrimination........

 A panel of judges, including Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas, found “unhesitatingly” that the reasons advanced by the PSNI for their arrest and transfer "did not provide reasonable grounds" for the decision.

They are among those facing questioning by investigators, despite one ex-"Para warning the arrests were “politically motivated” and “fantastic PR” for the IRA.
Gerry Adams got away with murder just like  Blair. So did Martin McGuinness. Remember Bernadette Devlin's enthusiasm for inciting murder. They are all walking free having achieved 3,000 dead in Ireland. It is just honest men who get victimised. Tell them number, rank and name - at most. Have a look at Resistance to Interrogation or Resistance To Police Aggro.


IRA Man Walks Free After 29 Murders Are Written Off [ 1 March 2016 ]
The evidence against him was merely 'overwhelming' but his little mates are out there with the guns and bombs that they didn't 'decommission'. Men of the British Army will be wondering if they need enemies behind them as well as in front.
PS Recruiting is down. Men are being harassed by corrupt lawyers like Phil Shiner - see more about the swine at IHAT. He didn't get done for major fraud, Perverting The Course Of Justice or even Perjury. A friend in need is a friend indeed, especially if he happens to in the Crown Prosecution Service.