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Newspapers out there published this on the net. True or false or a mixture, it is what we are being fed but now we are part of a worldwide audience. If you are fluent in a dozen languages and have the time you may be able to find what is important and relevant. There again if nobody is talking you cannot.

That is how it was when Monica Lewinsky, a Jew was at it with Clinton. Hundreds of newspaper reporters in Washington failed to know, or failed to tell or were told by their editors not to tell. It was all left to Matt Drudge, another Jew and show business gossip writer [ with the Drudge Report ] in far away Hollywood to let the cat out of the bag.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within..... The traitor is the plague." Cicero on Treason

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run 

Top Stories 2015
4 March 2015 is Purim when Jews in synagogues, in a religious service, curse their enemies, symbolically beating them, having Jewish children have joyous celebrations of mocking, lynching their Jewish archetypal enemy, eating foods symbolizing the beaten flesh of their enemy. Scratch a Jew, find a sincere Racist

Blacks Murder English Lad - Daily Mail Ignores Racism
The Daily Mail is just as much a Racist propaganda machine as the BBC but aimed at a different audience.


Israeli Prime Minister Incites American Invasion Of Iran
Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress amounted to a full-blooded assault on President Barack Obama’s policy towards Iran.........

The key passages were as follows:

In the Middle East, Iran now dominates four Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. And if Iran's aggression is left unchecked, more will surely follow. So, at a time when many hope that Iran will join the community of nations, Iran is busy gobbling up the nations. We must all stand together to stop Iran's march of conquest, subjugation and terror.”.......

Analysis: Mr. Netanyahu is effectively saying that Mr. Obama’s policy towards Iran increases the risk of another Holocaust. The prime minister’s subliminal message is that anyone who favours a nuclear deal on Mr. Obama’s terms would be willing to ignore history and tolerate the danger of a second Holocaust.
A lot of people, Arabs especially would see a real Holocaust® as a good thing, one leaving the world a better place. Lots of people believe that the first Holocaust® Story is a pack of lies, very profitable lies at that. It is true beyond debate that Netanyahu is a Zionist crazy, mass murderer & War Criminal.


3 March 2015

300 Oxford Girls Abused By Pakistani Perverts
A damning report is expected to disclose that more than 300 young people have been groomed and sexually exploited by gangs in Oxfordshire over the past 15 years. Systemic failures by police and social services meant victims were subjected to years of sexual torture, rape and trafficking, it is understood.........

One senior investigative source told The Guardian: “If you think you haven’t got a problem in your city or town, you are just not looking for it.”........

All of the victims had a background in care and their plight was brought to the attention of the authorities on a number of occasions [ which determinedly ignored them - Editor ].....

Key findings are will expose how police officers and social workers failed to believe [ They knew; they  refused to act, that is crime - Editor ] the girls when they detailed the abuse they were suffering, and dismissed their complaints.
Cameron finds it expedient to pretend that he cares about English girls being raped by Pakistani Perverts as the election gets nearer. He wants our votes. He also wants more Pakistani criminals; he imports them by the million.
PS The Telegraph succeeds in telling us about major crime without once using the word Pakistani. Not for nothing is it called the Quislinggraph.


Cameron Pretends That He Will Jail Racist Criminals Who Pander To Pakistani Rapists
Council chiefs, social workers and teachers who fail to act upon suspicions of child abuse face five years in prison to help "eradicate the culture of denial", David Cameron will announce...........

Mr. Cameron will on Tuesday tell a Downing Street summit: “We have all been appalled at the abuse suffered by so many young girls in Rotherham and elsewhere across the country.
Cameron has found a voice for England now that he wants our votes. Cameron is just one of the Enemy Within. The police and government officials who chose to ignore major crime are guilty of Perverting The Course Of Justice as well as Misconduct In Public Office. They will be allowed to get away with because that is government policy.


How Officials Invent 'Tortuous' Excuses To Block Child Abuse Inquiries
Officials do it because they are Racists, anti-English racists but racists none the less. Racism is a Marxist construct, a propaganda tool being used to destroy England. Cameron will make new law as an excuse for not using the perfectly good law which covers their evil. It is Perverting The Course Of Justice &Misconduct In Public Office.
PS The headline is verbatim.


Police Investigate Slavery While Ignoring Pakistanis Raping English Girls
This piece accuses Pakistani & Afghan, claiming further that slaving is more profitable than narcotics.


Ten Pakistanis Charged In Rochdale Child Grooming Investigation
Ten men have been charged as part of an investigation into child grooming and sexual exploitation in Rochdale. The men are accused of a catalogue of serious sex offences against seven victims, aged as young as 13 at the time of the alleged offences, between 2005 and 2013.........

"So far, 65 people have been arrested as part of Operation Doublet and the investigation continues.
One of them is a Brit. Perhaps they threw him in to make us believe that it is not an all Pakistani business.


2 March 2015

UKIP Candidate Posts Racist Cartoon Alleges Daily Mail
The Daily Mail accuses Farstar88, the artist of Racism & vice versa. Farstar88, a White Nationalist tells the truth. The Mail is a Propaganda machine.
PS Far Right is code for Patriot, for Nationalist.


Torture Pays Off Alleges Daily Mail
Information obtained using torture was used to help foil an al-Qaeda plot to bring down two planes, it has been claimed. British authorities intercepted a bomb at East Midlands Airport after being 'tipped off' by Saudi Arabian security forces, reportedly following the interrogation by torture of an al-Qaeda operative.

The claim comes as former MI5 head Sir John Sawers said torture does produce 'useful information' and can be 'effective in the short term.'
Torture is crime. Jews use it. Jews love it. The Prodfather is a Rabbi Doing Torture For Hire At $60 Thousand A Time. The Jew Dershowitz wrote a book praising it. Rhodesians didn't use it; they had Alternative Methods, Better Methods. That is why the Selous Scouts were so effective. MI5 knows it. The right answer is: Don't import Third World aliens in the first place.


1 March 2015 - 1,400 English girls are still waiting justice after being raped by Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham while our wonderful police ignored their plight. All is in the hopefully capable hands of Lowell Goddard.

Syriza's Marxists Fail Greece - Rioting Ensues
Police and protesters have clashed in Athens after the first anti-government demonstration since Greece's leftist SYRIZA party took power last month...... The deal, approved by Greece and international creditors last week, has triggered dissent within SYRIZA itself. If ratified, the agreement will give Greece a four-month bailout extension in return for government reforms.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has defended it, but some on the hard left [ harder left in fact ] have accused the government of going back on pre-election pledges. SYRIZA swept to power in January by promising to renegotiate the country's debt and end austerity.
Where did all the money go? Nobody is saying but stolen is the answer. All of those EU subsidies for non-existent olive trees were just too easy to get. The little people get hurt, which is a pity.


Cardinal Is An Enemy Of England
Immigrants come to Britain to "work hard and make a very positive contribution" and London would "grind to a halt" without them, the head of the Roman Catholic church in England has said. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, said he was "dismayed" by the fact immigration is such a big issue in the General Election.
Illegal Immigrants are desperate - because we don't run various colonies. They are ghastly Hellholes because Marxists incited blacks to think they could run foreign parts. Now the same Marxists are inflicting their clients on us. It is the Ethnic Fouling Of England, which is also working as Genocide with the help of the Catholic Church & the Church of England.


Crooked Lawyers Might Come Unstuck After Fraudulent Torture Claims
Human rights lawyers smeared British soldiers with false accusations of the torture and murder or innocent Iraqis, a government dossier claims. A report drawn up on the Prime Minister's orders claims Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) pursued claims against soldiers despite realising the allegations of abuse might have been 'untrue'.

It comes after a public inquiry spent £31million exonerating British soldiers of claims they went they went on a killing and torture spree following a fierce battle in southern Iraq in 2004.

After five years of investigations, the Al Sweady Inquiry in December concluded there were some breaches of the Geneva convention following the battle. But it also ruled allegations of murder and torture were based on 'deliberate lies, reckless speculation and ingrained hostility'.
Are these lawyers criminals? The best they can be is grossly incompetent.


28 February 2015 On this day in 1993 the BATF [ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ] attacked a Christian community in Waco, Texas, killing six people. They lost four of theirs dead in the process which may well have been own goals. It was the only saving grace of the affair. The FBI took over and besieged them for months. David Koresh was the leader of this group. He beat an attempted murder rap but the FBI got him later. The author of this piece seems to feel that it was right to carry out a massacre of women and children. Others are less nonchalant. See The Waco Massacre. It happened on Clinton's watch. 

Jews Use Money To Make War
Former British Foreign Secretary and Labor MP Jack Straw made harsh anti-Semitics statements during a British parliament debate last week, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Listing the greatest obstacles to peace, Straw said that unlimited” funds available to Jewish organizations and AIPAC  in the US are used to control and divert American policy in the region. Straw, who served as foreign secretary in Tony Blair's government in 2001-2006, further claimed that Israel was also a contributing factor to failure to achieve peace.
Jews use money to manipulate people. Making war with other people's armies is just part of it.
PS Jack Straw is a Stalinist Jew.


Jew Charged With $700 Million Fraud
Renco, [ Ira ] Rennert’s primary business, is accused of taking $118 million in dividends from Rennert-owned Magnesium Corporation of America as Magnesium Corporation was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy in the 1990s........

But the New York Post reports that the bankruptcy trustee for Magnesium Corporation’s creditors is demanding Rennert return about $700 million (including interest) he says Rennert looted  from Magnesium Corporation.......

One of Magnesium Corporation’s largest creditors is the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It sued Magnesium Corporation in 2001 over alleged mishandling of hazardous waste – a problem Rennert-owned mining companies have had before. The EPA is reportedly asking for $900 million.
When it comes to big time fraud it is going to be Jews.


Jihadi John Hates England, He Wanted War
Two British trainee medics who say they met "Jihadi John" in Syria said he hated Britain and was "always ready for war".

The men claimed they met Emwazi when he visited friends in a hospital they worked in months before his alleged role in Islamic State execution videos emerged.
Jihadi John was imported to England by Her Majesty's Government because he was vicious, because he could be depended on to help destroy England. He is just one of millions, the foot soldiers of the New World Order.


PEGIDA UK Outnumbered By Rentamob
The Guardian
has it views. The Guardian is a Marxist propaganda machine. To fair some Englishmen are making noises about the Ethnic Fouling Of England
that is the precursor to Genocide.


27 February 2015 is the anniversary of the 1933 Reichstag fire (German: Der Reichstagsbrand), an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin  The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany just like the 9/11 Job and the Bush destruction of democracy.

Russia Could Shut Off Gas To Ukraine
This is a good time to do it, as a form of torture with the snow on the ground. Is The Telegraph telling us this to rack up thoughts of war? At all events they didn't bother to tell us that Jews Are Already Turning Off Electricity To Palestinians In Depths Of Winter.


Cameron Let In 300 Thousand Immigrants In Spite Of His Claims
claimed that he was going to cut immigration, in order to buy votes. Did he have slightest intention of trying? He lied about giving us a Referendum too. Of course these are merely the known incomers. The illegals make it much higher. They come because Cameron bribes them with council houses, free medicine et cetera.


Channel 4 Broadcasts Anti-UKIP Propaganda As Election Looms
UKIP has accused Channel 4 of peddling 'liberal-Left poppycock' over an apocalyptic portrayal of what British life would be like if Nigel Farage became Prime Minister.

The row has blown up over a drama-documentary to be screened at tomorrow which imagines life under a Farage government. In UKIP: The First Hundred Days – which mixes acted scenes with real news footage – border guards are seen forcibly repatriating illegal immigrants amid race riots, as the UK prepares to pull out of the European Union.
Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time. So does Channel 4. This is propaganda. We need to Read critically; it's what Marxists call Deconstruction. Ignore the lies. Decide what you believe. But first see the next one.


Anti-UKIP Publicity Stunt Was Laid On By A Jew
A Nazi-themed troupe of dancers and a 16-tonne Second World War [ post war in fact ] tank gate-crashed the start of anti-European Union party UKIP's spring party conference as performers in hot pants, jackboots and Nazi insignia high-kicked to the ‘Springtime For Hitler' tune.

The dancers, from Mel Brooks's musical The Producers, caused the scene outside UKIP's conference venue, the Winter Gardens in Margate, in south-east England. The seven-strong troupe [ all five of them ] of female dancers performed a choreographed routine as 'Springtime For Hitler' blared from a PA system on the tank turret.
The camera men were there like flies on the proverbial. Mel Brooks is a Jew on the make who knows that Sex Sells.


Half Of London Will Be Foreign Born
This to ignore the fact that they have been imported for decades so there are millions of them born here.


26 February 2015

Parachute Regiment Lance Corporal Gets VC And Lives To Tell The Tale
A Lance Corporal in the Parachute Regiment has been awarded the Victoria Cross for actions which Prime Minister says “epitomised valour"

A British paratrooper who ran through heavy fire to single-handedly lead the fight back against a Taliban attack has become the UK's first living recipient of the Victoria Cross from the Afghanistan campaign.

L/Cpl Joshua Leakey has been awarded Britain’s highest award for bravery in the face of the enemy more than 70 years after a relative posthumously won the same medal........

L/Cpl Leakey’s second cousin twice removed, Sgt Nigel Gray Leakey, was awarded the VC for fighting in Abyssinia after he was killed storming Italian tanks on foot.
It is pleasing that a man of The Parachute Regiment has been awarded the Victoria Cross. The British Army is prone to make it an officers only thing. Surviving is a real bonus. Recall that the Regiment got both of the VC's in the Falklands. They aren't handed out willy nilly.
PS Being praised by a smarmy rogue like  Cameron is a mixed blessing. We should ask why  Cameron sent him to Afghanistan in the first place. It wasn't to serve British interests.


Global Warming Update - Manhattan Ice Worst In Decades
People may be able to walk across the Hudson River soon. It is the coldest winter in 28 years.
PS The Third World   con man fronting the Global Warming racket has come unstuck - see UN Climate-Change Boss Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Claim.


UKIP Wallah Wants Third World Immigration
But then he is an ex-Tory so Treason is in the blood. Carswell says Enoch Powell was wrong. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Immigration Street Inmates Attack Film Crews
It was going to be called Immigration Street but became Benefit Street, which is in fact Derby Road and 87% foreign dole bludger. They don't like being filmed; it might give people the idea that England is being overrun with Third World parasites. It is of course but they don't want us to know. Channel 4 were going to make a series of six films but bottled out after being attacked. The Police are eager to ignore immigrant crime. That is to say to Pervert The Course Of Justice just like those wonderful policemen in Rotherham who looked the other way when English girls were being raped.


25 February 2015 On this day in 1956 Nikita Khrushchev told the truth and people fainted with horror. A political first or a political last? Ask Bush and Blair about that one. See the Speech that shattered the Stalin lie
On this day in 1994 Baruch Goldstein, a Jew Murdered 30 Palestinians at a mosque - see the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre The day was Purim, a Jewish festival. Goldstein had been a member of the Jewish Defence League, a bunch of vicious rogues established by Rabbi Meir Kahane. The Wikipedia admits to 29 dead + 150 wounded - see Jews Celebrate Racist Purim Massacre  The Wiki admits, just barely that Purim was a massacre carried out by Jews.

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.


Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man [ the Jew, Mark Brener ] accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spitzer is a target."
You have to admit that he dealt in quality, albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Spitzer got fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed for more on this one.

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll just have to do until one comes along.

Today's Girl
Is for light relief.


Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
The man is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.

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