Trident Operational Command Unit (OCU) is the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) response to gun related activity occurring within black communities in London. Some of this activity is directly and indirectly associated with the illegal sale and distribution of drugs. The levels of violence associated with this type of criminality are extreme, with the use of firearms becoming more prevalent. Although some of the victims have links to organised criminality, the wider victims also include innocent members of the black communities whose neighbourhoods are blighted by the intensity of violence and intimidation associated with gun criminality.

Trident was initially set up in the late 1990ís in and around areas of Lambeth and Brent as an intelligence based initiative. This was in response to the shootings and murders being perpetrated by black criminals on individual members of the black communities. These incidents were made much harder to investigate due to unwillingness on the part of witnesses to come forward through fear of reprisals from the perpetrators of such criminal behaviour..........

Trident has recently expanded and has in excess of 300 officers and 70 police staff engaged in the investigation and prevention of firearm murders and other gun crime affecting Londonís communities.
Is there a special police group to deal with armed Englishmen? Blacks, yes. Englishmen, no.


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