Failed Messiah Signs Off

The Failed Messiah was out there, feeding us the dirt, telling us about the evil of Jews in silly hats. Yes, they are enthusiastic Paedophile perverts. Thieving? But of course. Shmarya was on the inside, then he was on the outside because he knew what was going on. Now he has given up after years of telling the truth. The new owners of his site are going to do something but they are likely to be nearer to the perpetrators sad to say. Frum Follies puts a view based on better contacts, better feel than mine. See What's Happening To The Failed Messiah's Blog? Perhaps it boils down to: Bought out when his finances were in a bad way.

His legacy is at Mikva Abuse with  2,445 posts categorized "Pedophilia & Related Crimes" and Failed Messiah Crime. His crime category, has 9,069 posts implying that they prefer fraud to little boys.

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What's Happening To The Failed Messiah's Blog?
After 12 years of vigorous and acerbic muckraking of the orthodox world, Shmarya Rosenberg called it quits and sold Failed Messiah (FM) to Diversified Holdings.

A source tells me the new owners are two orthodox business people, one from the midwest, probably Chicago, and the other from the west coast, probably Los Angeles. The Only Simchas website claims the buyer is Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz (SYR). I am guessing they are right. I speculate that one other likely buyer is Morris Esformes, a very successful Chicago area nursing home operator. They are both the kinds of philanthropists who would buy an entity for some goal other than profit. Esformes was willing to buy all of Rabbi Elimelech Meisels’ seminaries at a loss to get him out and clean up the sex abuse scandal. He withdrew because the conditions for the sale would have blocked him from cleaning up the place. If the buyer is from Cleveland, my best guess is that is Mendy Klein, who has thrown himself into work against sex abuse but wants to do it within the framework of the orthodox establishment. He has committed a million dollars to the cause and I could easily see him spending more than that.

Last year I noticed something uncharacteristic for the vitriolic Shmarya Rosenberg involving his coverage of Rechnitz. He backtracked on his usual style and an earlier post. In October 2014 he ran the headline “Major Haredi Philanthropist Accused of Being “Serial Violator” Of Nursing Home Regulations, Laws.” He then pasted in an article from the website with the allegations.

For good measure he threw in derogatory (but true) information about Rechnitz’s father-in-law, the late R. Yisroel Belsky:

Rechnitz … a son-in-law of haredi Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, the rosh yeshiva of Torah Vodaas who has been accused of repeatedly protecting haredi pedophiles. Belsky is also allegedly linked to the Jewish divorce electric cattle prod extortion scandal.

But then in November he offered up a defense against those allegations in his post: “Haredi Mega-Donor’s Nursing Homes May Be Better Run And More Transparent Than Report Claimed.” He proceeded to paste in an extended defense written by Rechnitz’s attorney and closed with a note:

I’ve seen some of this data and other evidence, and from that I think Rechnitz is largely, maybe even completely, correct.

Rechnitz was attacked in 2015 by the Sacramento Bee. This time Shmarya didn’t even paste the full allegations and pretty much went straight for the Rechnitz rejoinder. Uncharacteristically for Shmarya, the post was titled: “Newspaper Exposé Of Haredi Mega-Donor’s Nursing Homes Was “Hit” Piece That Distorted The Facts, Spokesman Claims.” Neither of these more positive articles included any reference to R. Belsky.

Some people speculated he was bought off, others that he was threatened. Very few thought he was persuaded. I have known him to be persuaded and change his coverage but it was rare for him to be so positive even when he changed the substance of his position and coverage.

So why did he sell his site? It was widely known he was in dire financial straits. It is possible that the purchase offer carrot was coupled with threats of lawsuits of one sort or another. His site is unlikely to be profitable. So he did not have many choices of buyers. Apparently, these buyers have promised to continue running articles about sex abuse though they also promise to be more positive about the orthodox community. Who knows what they mean or whether they will keep their promises. Thus far, we have only this vague statement of the intentions of the new owners.


Failed Messiah Signs Off  [ 5 February 2016 ]
You are probably wondering what the future holds for "Failed Messiah"?.......... We are a group of people dedicated to protecting the reputation of the Orthodox Jewish community.
Failed Messiah was THE source for evil carried out by 'religious' Jews. His site has been taken over. Perhaps it is a good time to download everything you want, while it is still there, IF it hasn't been sent down the Memory Hole. We passed this way before; Haaretz was a splendid source of vicious behaviour of Jews in Israel. That is why the murderous hooligans running the place leaned on them. Now it is a broken reed. The lights are going out all over European & Western Civilization generally. The Internet is a truth machine; that is why politicians hate it as much as they hate Free Speech & Democracy.