Don Tyson And Clinton

Don Tyson wasn't big in chicken; he was enormous. He made Clinton the Governor of Arkansas and sacked him. Arkansas is a very strong contender for the most corrupt state in America. The other is Louisiana which happens to be next door. Bribery is just part of the fun. Clinton was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas's answer to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Don Tyson And Clinton 
JOE HENRICKSON: Well, they asked me if I'd ever seen anything else that I thought was illegal or strange. And the only thing I said was, you know, the times I'd seen when we'd taken envelopes of money to- that were to be delivered to the governor. And that- I mean, Smaltz- I remember because he was sitting across the table from me, turned away. And then he turned around. It was like his jaw almost fell open, and, "What?" you know?

Tyson was bribing Clinton. Reno was trying to shut the investigation down. The investigator was worried about being murdered.

Don Tyson thanks Bill Clinton for pardoning Archie Schaffer's
Friends have their uses, especially if they stay bought.

More and better details on Clinton's track record are at Bloody Bill Clinton - American Caligula


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